Bach "Christmas organ music"

Bach "Christmas organ music"

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Interpret: Letizia Romiti
Instrument: Mascioni-Orgel der Kirche St. John Evangelist in Alessandria (Italien)
EAN: 8051770160267
CD, Gesamtspielzeit: 51:14
Label: Elegia

Around the birth of 'the saviour' Bach composed a variety of musical themes with different flavours and functions, often coming back to the same chorale scheme, sometimes creating completely original pages.
Throughout such a great diversity of textures and colours stand out as constants the emotions of joy and astonishment surrounding the mystery of Jesus Christ's birth . Pipe-organ teacher from Alessandria conservatory “A. Vivaldi” Letizia Romiti offers in this CD some of the best known pages from memorables Bach's Christmas compositions.


  • Preludio e Fuga in Do maggiore BWV 531     
  • Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland [Vieni, Salvatore delle genti] BWV 659
  • In dulci jubilo BWV 729
  • Pastorale in Fa (Pastorella) BWV 590     
  • Das alte Jahre vergangen ist [Il vecchio anno è passato] BWV 614
  • In dir ist Freude [In te è la gioia] BWV 615
  • Variazioni Canoniche “Vom Himmel Hoch, da komm ‘ich her” [“Io vengo dall’alto dei cieli“] BWV 769

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