Girolamo Frescobaldi - Fiori Musicali

Girolamo Frescobaldi - Fiori Musicali

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Composer: Girolamo Frescobaldi
Interpreten: Luca Guglielmi, organ / Jenny Campanella, cantus
Instrumente: C.Catarinozzi (1695?); F.M. e G.B. Concone (1752?); G.F. Landesio (metà XVIII sec.) - Chiesa Abbaziale dei Santi Pietro e Andrea Novalesa, Torino, Italy / Chiesa di San Genesio Martire Corio, Torino, Italy / Chiesa di San Verano Pinerolo, Torino, Italy
EAN: 8051770160175
2 CDs: Gesamtspielzeit: 53:45 / 53:21
Label: Elegia Classics

One of the most relevant collections on Frescobaldi’s works, with Sunday mass, Apostles’ mass and Virgin Mary’s mass recorded on three historical pipe-organs among the oldest within Turin’s region. The musical flowers are nowadays considered as the best work of Frescobaldi, in a certain way the successful completion to his career as a composer. In truth their release in 1635 is surrounded by several other masterpieces appeared almost in the same period. In the same year a fully renewed version of instrumental songs of 1628 and in 1637 the last reissue of the most famous two books of Toccate (1615 and 1627), with the addiction in the first book of ‘le cento partite sopra Passacagli’ a monument for harpsichord music. By this time Frescobaldi must have started working on his posthumous play, eleven songs for keyboard (1645), remained uncompleted and published after his death from Alessandro Vincenti. The Flowers are the only composition by Frescobaldi explicitly conceived for pipe‐organ and the only one that present pieces strictly bounded to his function of liturgical organist. This is clearly the occasion for Frescobaldi to compose the most inspired composition of his career and so to raise the Flowers to the level of most paradigmatic composition on European scale.


> [Introitus]

1. Toccata Prima (1627)    
2. Canzona Prima (1627)  

> [Messa della Domenica]

3. Tocata avanti la Messa della Domenica    
4. Kyrie della Domenica    
5. Kyrie    
6. Christe    
7. Christe, alio modo    
8. Christe, alio modo    
9. Christe, alio modo
10. Kyrie
11. Kyrie, alio modo    
12. Kyrie, alio modo
13. Kyrie ultimo    
14. Kyrie, alio modo    
15. Kyrie, alio modo    
16. Canzon dopo la Pistola    
17. Recercar dopo il Credo    
18. Alio modo, si placet    
19. Tocata cromaticha per le Levatione    
20. Canzon post il commune   

> [Intermedio I]

Aria detto Balletto (1627)
21. Prima Parte    
22. Seconda Parte    
23. Terza Parte    
24. Quarta Parte    
25. Quinta Parte    
26. Sesta Parte    
27. Settima Parte    
28. Ottava et ultima Parte

> [Messa delli Apostoli]

29. Tocata avanti la Messa delli Apostoli    01’32”    
30. Kyrie delli Apostoli    
31. Kyrie    
32. Kyrie    
33. Christe    
34. Christe    
35. Kyrie    
36. Kyrie    
37. Kyrie    
38. Canzon dopo la Pistola

CD 2

1. Tocata, avanti il ricercar
2. Recercar cromaticho post il Credo    
3. Altro Recercar    
4. Tocata per le Levatione
5. Recercar con obligo del basso come appare    
6. Canzon quarti toni dopo il post Comune

> [Intermedio II] Hinno Ave Maris Stella (1627) [alternatim]

7. Primo Verso [Ave maris stella]
8. Sumens illud ave (Monteverdi, 1610)    
9. Secondo Verso [Solve vincla reis]    
10. Monstra te esse matrem (Monteverdi, 1610)
11. Terzo Verso [Virgo singularis]    
12. Vitam præsta puram (Monteverdi, 1610)    
13. Quarto Verso [Sit laus Deo Patri]

> [Messa della Madonna]

14. Tocata avanti la Messa della Madonna    01’06”    
15. Kyrie della Madonna    
16. Kyrie    
17. Christe    
18. Christe    
19. Kyrie
20. Kyrie    
21. Canzon dopo la Pistola
22. Recercar dopo il Credo    
23. Tocata avanti il ricercar    
24. Recercar con obligo di cantare la Quinta Parte senza toccarla    
25. Tocata per le Levatione    
26. Bergamasca

> [Exitus]

27. Capriccio sopra la Girolmeta

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