Giuseppe Verdi

Giuseppe Verdi

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Interpret: Roberto Cognazzo
Instrument: Coassolo Torinese (Italy), St. Nicolao Parish Catholic Church
Organo Tiburzio Gorla, 1856. Restored by Marco Renolfi, 2010
EAN: 8051770160229
CD, Gesamtspielzeit: 62:56
Label: Elegia Records

Among the great Italian opera composers, actives between the first part of the nineteenth century and the first one of the twentieth, two had a serious relationship with organ: Verdi and Puccini. It is good to underline, in order to distinguish the position, that Puccini played this instrument close to the gradual exhaustion of the striking coexistence between melodrama and liturgy, while Verdi, not only learnt to play on the small organ of Roncole, but he also had to deal with pipes and choirs since his debut at La Scala in 1839 with Oberto conte di San Bonifacio. This coexistence was so natural for us during almost the nineteenth century. Even if we do not have direct documents, we can consider that Verdi played his own music and these of others (padre Davide lived near Busseto), built on theatrical scheme, a deep transcription repertoire in order to embellish sacred services with the latest opera newness.

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  • Da Il finto Stanislao
  • Da Giovanna d’Arco
  • Da Attila
  • Da I masnadieri
  • Da Luisa Miller
  • Da I Vespri Siciliani
  • Da La forza del destino

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