More Animal Antics - Donkey Serenade

More Animal Antics - Donkey Serenade

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EAN: 795754523423
CD, Gesmtspielzeit: 72:59, ADD
Label: Guild Light Music

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  • Ron Goodwin: Lobster quadrille
  • Henry Mancini: The dancing cat
  • Lansdowne Light Orchestra: The cat and the hippo
  • Crawford Light Orchestra: Playful pup
  • Georges Deveraux: Walking the dog
  • Lawrence Welk: Firefly serenade
  • Paramount Studio Orchestra: Lambing time
  • Hugo Perretti: Counting sheep
  • Percy Faith: A sleepin bee
  • New Concert Orchestra: The donkey and the bee
  • Georges Deveraux: Donkey trot
  • 101 Strings: The donkey serenade
  • Billy Vaughn: The lonely bull
  • Bijou Orchestra: Elephant's parade
  • New Century Orchestra: Pink elephant
  • Jay Gordon: March of the elephants
  • David Carroll: Inchworm
  • Frank Chacksfield's Tunesmiths: Little red monkey
  • Lansdowne Light Orchestra: Flea circus suite
  • Charles Williams: Horse and buggy
  • Gaslight Orchestra: Horse cars
  • Morton Gould: Poor butterfly
  • New Century Orchestra: Chameleon
  • Cleveland Pops: The alligator and the coon
  • Ron Goodwin: Grand waltz of the flowers and dragonflies

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