Takle, Mons Leidvin - Celebration

Takle, Mons Leidvin - Celebration

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Komponist: Takle, Mons Leidvin
ISMN: 979-0-2612-4533-3
geheftet, 13 Seiten
Verlag: Cantando

Ein Auftragswerk für den Konzertorganisten Martin Setchell

”I prefer something grand, colorful, big, dramatic and striking.”
This is what Martin Setchell wrote to me.
He also wrote:
"I am delighted you will write a new organ solo piece for me.
I am a great friend and fellow-Englishman colleague of Christopher Herrick, and I have enjoyed performing your music for many years.
Your style suits my style, which is to play for the wider public, NOT just for other organists!"

”Definitely I would like to include this on my next CD which will celebrate the grand re-opening of the Christchurch Town Hall after the earthquakes.
I am the 'city organist' here, and I play the fine 1997 Rieger orgel, which has also been enhanced with 12 new ranks.

And here is the result of Martin Setchell's initiative named CELEBRATION."

Mons Leidvin Takle

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